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Real-time SLow-motion

Real-time and Slow-motion are incompatible. This is the essential incompatibility on the difference between “play” and “playback”. This research enables us to experience the coexistence of real-time and slow-motion, by focusing on the temporal characteristics and integration capabilities of human cognition. Specifically, in a video see-through system with a camera and HMD, the temporal editing based on certain procedures within the width of the subjective present is added between the camera and the display. This project reconsiders the temporal relationship between recording/playback and perception and suggests a new area of “temporal editing to humans.”




2024 Augmented Humans 2024, Melbourne, Australia

Support: Hiroto Saito, Msahiko Inami


Muramoto, G, Saito H, Wakisaka S, Inami M(2024). Real-time Slow-motion : A Framework for Slow-motion Without Deviating from Real-Time. In Augmented Humans Conference.

Muramoto, G, Saito H, Wakisaka S, Kasahara S, Inami M(2020), The Interface that Enables to Coexist Real-Time and Slow-Motion, The Virtual Reality Society of Japan (VRSJ)


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