Selfie as Dance (2020)

 The dancer has a small camera in his hand, dancing to only the lens. The image is projected to the wall behind him in real-time. You simultaneously watch his living body that dances ignoring you, and the body on the wall that dances only to you. The performance was recorded and released as a video installation.

 “Shooting” or generally “expressing” is dancing the relative motion between a sensor and the object. On “selfie” where both of them are under the control of one body, we literally danced.




(Goki Muramoto,  Dancer : Kaishiro Yamada,Runa Miura / Cinematographer : Kai Fukubayashi / Assistant D : Tomoya Takeda)

Supported by 東京藝術大学I LOVE YOU Project


2020 Selfie as Dance (Gallelry CLASS, Tokyo, Japan )

 © 2020 by Goki Muramoto. 

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