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Lived Montage / Le montage vécu   (series)

Lived Montage was conceptualized by the artist Goki Muramoto as a fictional mode of perception. It is a mode in which “when the object of our consciousness is shared, the vision is shared(as a montaged cinematic view where their perspective switched with the timing of individual heartbeats).”

To materialize this mode of perception, a unique media apparatus comprising multiple interconnected goggles has been developed. Each set of goggles has a camera and display attached to a wearable wooden box from which a stethoscope extends that is placed on the participant’s chest. The participants’ camera images would be transmitted to a computer (via Wi-Fi or wires), which would group participants according to “what they are watching” and switches the images within this group according to the timing of each participant’s heartbeat. Then, these montaged images are sent back to the goggles. This new “beholding”—which is re-established through this mode after the subject and object are criticized from their foundations and rewritten—forcibly discloses the relationship between others, image, and space or that between film, play, and life.





2023 Solo Exhibition "le montage vécu", 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

Support: TASKO, Inami Lab, Morikawa -Narusue Lab, CG ARTs, ​Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan​

2023 "ENCOUNTERS", Special Exhibition “A Quarter-Century of Japan Media Arts Festival” Tokyo

Support: Inami Lab, Morikawa -Narusue Lab, CG ARTs, ​Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan​

2022 Demonstration, Komaba-sho-kukan, Tokyo, Japan

Support: Theater Company Shintaigengorou, Inami Lab, Morikawa -Narusue Lab

2020 Prototype Demonstration, warehouse TERRADA, Tokyo, Japan

Support: SONY, Inami Lab



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