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Imagraph (series) 

Imagraph is an optical apparatus that projects video onto closed eyelids, produced as "a medium that mediates two primordial attitudes: projecting an image and closing the senses. Participants lie on their backs and shut their eyes. Two pieces of LED display board are suspended above their heads from the ceiling, with optical fibers from each pixel extending to the surface of their eyelids. A video prepared in advance is played after being tilted bluish by the spectral compensation for the "blood-red" unique to the participant's own flesh. Here, the lid is also the medium for the very object it is trying to block off. The intended colors, their placements, and their motion can be sent, which realizes animation. However, this in no way implies the triumph of projection over closing the senses.


> Imagraph(2021-2023)          > Imagraph prototype(2020)





2023 "ifva festival"  Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

Support: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Atuhiro Yamaguchi

2022 "Imagraph"  UCLA Broad Art Center, Los Angels, United States

Support: Erkki Huhtamo, Jakub Kłeczek (UCLA Mars Lab), Tyra Inari

2022 "Art Gallery"  SIGGRAPH, Vancouver, Canada

Support: Masahiko Inami, Hiroto Saito(Inami Lab), Tyra Inari

2022 "Trans×Formation", ANB Tokyo, Japan

Support: KUMA foundation

2021 "DCEXPO", Makuhari messe, Chiba
Support: Takayochi Koyama, Kai Fukubayashi

Exhibitions before 2021

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