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Media of Langue (2019-) 

Media of Langue is a new dictionary and a public sculpture.

This dictionary always exists between two or more languages. Words of these languages float in the space prepared on a web page, and their positions are derived by two primordial forces: repulsion (neikos) between all words in the same language and attraction (philia) between translated words in different languages. The magnitude of each force depends on its frequency amid the vast events of ``this word was translated into that word.'' These two forces are immediately balanced, and a map of meaning is drawn in this space. On this map, words in multiple languages are placed based on ``meaning'' while being connected by the roads of blood-red piano lines, whose width corresponds to the volume of traffic/translation. The user can freely explore this map by searching or moving continuously. Adjacent to the map, the sentences of past translations of its raw material flow synchronized with it, like the credit roll of a movie. 
This dictionary, which depicts the map of meaning on the boundary between languages, is a new dictionary beyond the existing categories of dictionaries, and consulting this dictionary is an aesthetic act that each time touches on the possibilities/impossibilities of communication or the universality/diversity of humanity.

Media of Langueは新しい辞書であり、パブリック・スカルプチャーである。







Concept, Direction, Design: Goki Muramoto

Technical Director: Tyler Inari
Engineering: Takayoshi Koyama, Atsuki Sato, Ryoma Maeda, Yuta Moroi, Daisuke Unno, Yohei Okamura, Atsuhiro Yamaguchi, Wang Hanlin
Research: Goki Muramoto, Atsuki Sato

Exhibition Record

ifva Festival, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong​, 2024
Installation support: Colbie Fung, Lee Ka-wai, Tina Cheung

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