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Goki Muramoto |村本剛毅

Artist. Born in Yamaguchi, Japan.  Lives and works in Tokyo. He studies Image through the inventing and sculpting of original media. Major works include the 《Imagraph》series, a media that projects a video onto closed eyelids; the 《Lived Montage》series, a media that implements an fictional perception in which we share our vision when we share an object of our consciousness; and the dictionary/sculpture 《Media of Langue》, which depicts a map of meaning onto the boundary between languages. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

アーティスト。山口生まれ、東京を拠点に活動。独自のメディアの発明・彫刻を通してイメージを研究。主な作品は、閉じた瞼に血色を逆算した映画を投影するメディア《Imagraph》series、意識する対象を他者と共有するときに視界も共有する架空の知覚を実現するメディア《Lived Montage》series、言語の境界に意味の地図を描画する辞書/彫刻《Media of Langue》。現在東京大学学際情報学府に所属。



2023-           MA in Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo

2019-2023   BA in Information and Communication Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Selected Exhibitions

2024 "ifva Festival(Group)," Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong​

2023 "Lived Montage." in DIGSHIBUYA, Kitaya-Park, Tokyo, Japan​

2023 "Nice to meet me(Group)" ICC, NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo, japan

2023 "ifva Festival(Group)," Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong​

2023 "Le montage vécu," 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2023 "ENCOUNTERS", Special Exhibition “A Quarter-Century of Japan Media Arts Festival” Tokyo

2022 "ART GALLERY(Group)," SIGGRAPH, Vancouver, Canada

2022 "Imagraph," UCLA Broad Art Center, Los Angeles, United States

2022 "Trans×Formation," Kuma Foundation(Group), ANB Tokyo

2021 "Lived montage," Warehouse TERRADA, Tenno-su, Tokyo

2020 "Selfie as Dance, " gallery CLASS, Jingumae, Tokyo

Selected Awards

2023 ifva award, Art Category, Silver Award

2021 Japan Media Arts Festival", Art Division, Jury Selections
2024 Best Paper Award, Augmented Humans 2024.

2020 Young Researcher's Award, VRSJ 

2020 International Virtual Reality Contest, Grand Prix

2020 Innovative Technologies 2020

2020 Asia Digital Art Award, Interactive Arts, Excellence Awards


Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators 2022

KUMA Foundation Creator Scholarship, 2021
World-leading Innovative Graduate Study Program (WINGS-CFS), 2023

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