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A study for IMAGRAPH

[Open Studio] GOKI MURAMOTO | A Study for IMAGRAPH

  • 30 分
  • 1F, Bldg. 1, RCAST, The University of Tokyo


An open studio will be held to share the current status of Goki Muramoto's "Imagraph" series (2020-). The "Imagraph" is an optical apparatus that projects a video whose color is distorted to compensate for blood-red onto the eyelids, which the artist began to produce in 2020 as "a medium that arbitrates between two primordial attitudes: projecting the image and closing the senses. The venue will consist of two rooms, one of which will be used for the screening/demonstration of Imagraph, while the other will be used for the exhibition of related photographic works and materials.


  • 〒153-8904 東京都目黒区駒場4丁目6−1


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