Imagraph /瞼内映像投影装置(2020)

Imagraph enables the contradictory experience of viewing a motion picture with their eyes closed. Watching and imagining melt into each other, and the act of seeing undergoes abstraction.

     The viewer lies on their back in a coffin-shaped box and closes their eyes (which means they can go straight to sleep or die). A device would cover the face and project images into the eyelid through 768 optical fibers sticking to the surface like tentacles. The bright cold-colored images, which are output based on a detailed inverse calculation of big color spectral changes and blurs caused by the tissue penetration deliver delicate colors and dynamic movements with spatiality to the back of the eyelids, where only dark warm-color gradations usually appear from the outside. A choice to reject by closing your eyes is deprived, and the video presented unstoppably in the area wider than the entire field of view seems to be poured directly into the brain.


The view of the experiencer ( This figure shows the performance on spatiality and saturation, which in reality has a unique texture )


Concept, Director : Goki Muramoto

Research  and Development : Goki Muramoto, Takayoshi Koyama, Atsuhiro Yamaguchi 
Spacial Thanks : Masahiko Inami, Kai Fukubayashi

 © 2020 by Goki Muramoto. 

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