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Lived montage
Lived montage

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Lived montage
Lived montage


We set the situation where the views of others who happened to be looking at the same thing as you simultaneously were montaged into your own view.  The audience wears a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) with a camera, through which they see several objects and dancers walking in and out of the warehouse. The system identifies through sensors what the audience is looking at, and allows each audience member to experience as their own field of vision a cinematic video in which the view of everyone looking at what the person is looking at, including themselves, is switched at intervals of several hundred milliseconds by controlling the combination of camera input and HMD display image. The whole process is done dynamically, in real-time, so that the audience is free to choose what they see at any time, experiencing the vision of others while keeping the awareness that "I am looking at that". (Although, of course, one's own body often appears in one's vision through the camera of others. On the wall, a film generated by the audience is displayed, in the order of the objects that attracted their gaze at that moment. 

自分がそのとき見ているものを同時に見ている他者の視野がリアルタイムに自らの視野へモンタージュ(編集)されるという設定を倉庫の中に実現した。 観客はカメラ付きHMD(Head Mounted Display)を被り、それを通して倉庫を出入りする複数のオブジェとダンサーを見て、歩き回る。センサーから観客の視線の先を特定しているコンピュターによってカメラ入力とHMDの表示画像の組み合わせが制御されることで、それぞれの観客は、その時自分が注視しているものを見ている全員(自分も含む)の景色が数百msecの間隔で映画のように切り替わる映像を、自らの視野として体験することができる。すべてのプロセスはリアルタイムかつ動的に行われ、観客はいつでも自由に自分の見たいもの選択し、「私があれを見ている」という意識を存続させながら、他者の視野を体験する。(しかし当然その存続の中でたびたび自らの身体が他者のカメラを通して写り込む。)また壁面には、観客たちによって生成された、その時視線を集めた物体についての映画が表示される。

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Concept, Director : Goki Muramoto

Cinematographer, Record : Kai Fukubayashi
Technical support : Takeru Kobayashi (BIRDMAN )

Dancer : Runa Miura, TOMOKI(Tomoki Fukuda), Atsumi(Yudai Miyakawa)

Music : Tomoya Takeda

Support : Kenji Ozaki(DENTSU), Kohei Ishibashi(DENTSU), Hiroki Kobori(SONY), Takayoshi Koyama

Research support : Sohei Wakisaka,Takayoshi Koyama

Exhibition ​

2021 Embodied montage (Solo show) (Warehouse TERRADA, Tenno-su, Tokyo, Japan)