(​created with Atsuhiro Yamaguchi, Takayoshi Koyama, Miyato Minamibuchi)

There lives something in the word that it means. In the dictionary, words and their contents are described in sentences, but it is not something. Still, at least in the process of building a dictionary, there was something in the editer's head and heart. Was this something deleted by the time it was published? In the dictionary, there is still something "what" the word means, and the editor's efforts there. There should be something leaking out.

​As a step toward that, we created “mapping of adjectives using a bilingual dictionary”. Focusing on the deviation of the position of the adjective boundary due to the difference in language, we introduced the concept of distance and created a map depending on how many times it is necessary to use a bilingual dictionary from a certain word to reach that word.

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